Immersion Composition Society

These are the pieces I've produced the first two times I participated in the ICS original group. Please bear in mind, most of these were produced in an hour or two, some less.

I put ***'s next to my faves, in case you have trouble deciding which to listen to.


PNOIMPRV1 (2.4 MB) - I decided to do a short piano improvisation in between each piece for this day. However the last three were all done in about a half and hour right before I had to leave for the listening session.

ArabPop (1.5 MB) - This is inspired by cheezy Middle Eastern pop music. All the sounds were generated by my Univox Maxi-Korg - a 2 voice modular analog synth (ca. 1975).

PNOIMPRV2 ( 880 K)

*** Shaman in the Hat (2.1 MB) - This is the first page of "The Cat in the Hat" set in the style of "Ka-Gok", Korean court music.


*** A. Fugue (860 K) - This is an exposition to a fugue, using as text the letters that were sent to Tom Brokaw, Sen. Daschle, et al.


All of these pieces began with an object I found lying around my studio.

Hebrew (1.5 MB) - The vocals in this are from a cassette tape I got at a local restaurant... I have no idea what they're saying.

Korean (2.4 MB) - This is another cassette I got at a restaurant. The text is some sort of religious sermon.

He Touched Me (2.5 MB) - Yet another free religious tape. This is from the "Billy Graham Crusade".

Yamahaha (3.2 MB) - This was begun using the drum machine and auto-chords in a cheap keyboard I inherited from my friend Beth's dad.

Clock (1.2 MB) - Setting the clock on my answering machine.

*** Mao (1.6 MB) - This begins and ends with the a butane lighter that plays "The East is Red" when you open it. The lighter is red, had a picture of Mao Tse-tung on it, and was brought to me from China by my friend Nat.