Immersion Composition Society

Wig Lodge Halloween Special

Session X - October 20th, 2002

For our October meeting, all the Wig Lodge members made Haloween-themed music. You can also enjoy some pics taken at the meeting.

Please write comments on the music for any of the artists.

This Svelte session was created by Brothers Michael and Stephen, with Brother Andrew on guitar on "I Want My Mummy"

The Horror
I Want My Mummy

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    Brother Edward

    Kurdish Amusement Park

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    Brother John

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    Theme 2
    Theme 3
    Theme 4
    Theme 5
    Theme 6
    Theme 7
    Theme 8

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    Brother Salvatore

    A Dark and Stormy Night
    What It Is Like to Be Dead
    After One Dies, Rats Will Feast on One's Eyes
    Dia de los Muertos
    Black Cat Hat
    Diabolic Masonic Revelry
    Halloween in a Suburb (Text by H.P. Lovecraft)
    The Wyrd Rituals of Vampire Children

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