Session II - February 3rd, 2002

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Brother Edward

Rack & Pinion

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    Brother John

    R U Ready 2 Dance, part 1
    R U Ready 2 Dance, part 2
    Zero World Party
    Greased Monkeys
    I Bleed, You Bleed
    Here Comes the Monster!
    Ray Gun Twist
    I Fell My Pain
    Hamstring Boogie
    Saunter By
    Quantum Breakdown
    Sunflowers and Snails
    Oh, Really?
    Banana Peel
    Tango Bastard
    The Blues is Falling!
    I Forgot It When
    Lost in My Cloudy Sky
    Lime and Salt
    Many Memories

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    Brother Stephen

    This session, I used an idea I've had for a while to write a theme and variations where the theme is the oldest complete piece of notated music ever discovered, and each variation is in a style from a different period of the history of Western music. Maybe some day I'll finish it with a few styles from the 20th C.

    Theme - Hurrian Cult Song (ca. 1400 B.C.)
    Var 1 - Medieval Polyphony
    Var 2 - Medieval Dance
    Var 3 - Renaissance Motet
    Var 4 - Renaissance Canon
    Var 5 - Baroque Ostinato
    Var 6 - Classical Piano Concerto
    Var 7 - Romantic String Quartet

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