Session IV - April 6th, 2002

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The meeting for this session was the first ever joint meeting between the Origin Lodge and the Wig Lodge.

Various Artists

"Various Artists" is the pseudonym Brothers Edward and Stephen use when they collaborate. These songs were done using the "Track Swapping" method. Each Brother was in his respective Sound Hole, and each started 5 songs. Half-way through the day they traded tracks and finished the 5 songs the other had started. The following alternate between songs begun by Stephen and those begun by Brother Edward, respectively.

Lumba by the Bay
In Light of Recent Events
Everybody in the Bathroom
Who Wants Rhubarb?
Oakland, Oakland, über Alles
There's Water in My Cereal
Class Action

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    The first two songs in this session were done by Brothers Stephen, Michael and Karl. The second two were done by Brothers Stephen, Michael and Andrew. The songs were made all on the same day, with all the Brothers together in Stephen's Sound Hole.

    The Taste of Summer
    Kitty vs. Puppy

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    Brother Salvatore

    I Sold My Pocket for a Watch
    Theme from My Head
    Fresh West
    Enigmatic Oystretime
    Risk Fre Brigade
    Vibro Static Luxury

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    Brother John

    You Really Care
    With Myself
    Stroll to the End
    The Happy Song
    Love Me

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