ICS Wig 6.2 - Various Artists - 6/14/02

The Obligatory Self-Reflexive ICS Song

It's the obligatory self-reflexive ICS song
It's an ICS rule of thumb
The production is lousy the harmonies are all wrong
I just hope that the other guys don't think it's too dumb

It's my mandatory self-reflexive ICS song
I supposedly have to make 20 today so it can't be too long

It's the non-optional auto-referential ICS song
It's the first song I wrote today
It might sound much better after a hit from the bong
I hope it doesn't sound too GAY!

Body Hair

Body hair, body hair, body hair, body hair
Body hair, body hair, Oh
Body hair, body hair, body hair, body hair
Sit back and watch it grow

You got it on your head
And in your arm pits too
You got it on your face if your a guy

You got it on your legs
On your crotch they call em pubes
Some got it on their back, I don't know why

First it gets in your comb
Then it gets on your floor
It clogs up your drains real good

You can find it in the urinal
Of a public restroom
As long as you don't find it in your food.

Death Is Good
(excerpts from "Messiah" by Gore Vidal)

Death is nothing
No thing is good
Death is good

It is good to die
Death is neither hard nor bad
Only the dying hurts


C'mon everybody strip down 2 ur underwear
U no it makes u feel all rite
Cuz it don't matter if ur boxers or brief
Or if u wear em loose or tight

We can walk on w/all of our clothes on
Or we can walk on naked

Now don't B shy ladies, slip outta those bras
Let ur pretty tits shake free
Gentlemen, unwrap those heavy packages
Like low fruit hanging from the tree

Sometimes when I'm all alone @ nite
I put on my birthday suit 4 a show
And run around like nature intended
W/the lites on in front of the window!


Who took my eyeball?
It's an all-around thing.

I 2 I
I 4 an I
I am what I am
I think therefore I am