Bunny on the Stove

Collaborations between Brothers Stephen and Bunny

Session 0610

Dumb Beck

Dirty Face

Tuba or Not Tuba


Halloween Carol

Session 0511

  • I See Ass
    This song is the result of Stephen's cheap-ass boom box freaking out while he was listening to one of Bunny's songs. It sounded cool so Stephen recorded it and saved it for a rainy day session. If you're curious, you can listen to the CD freaking out by itself by clicking on this HYPERTEXT LINK

    Session 0501

    This was the first joint session between Bunny and Stephen. Bunny created 11 drum loops and sent them to Stephen, thinking he'd choose a few of them to start working from. Heheh. Stephen lined all 11 up in succession, and began recording parts for one mammoth song. Stephen then sent this monstrous creation back to Bunny, and he added some bass, guitar and a little vocals. All of the parts that we added to the drum tracks were done on the day of the listening session, which explains some of the sloppiness - especially the bass, which was corrupted somehow, but Bunny didn't have time to fix it before the meeting. This will be a fun tune to polish, eventually.

  • Bunny on the Stove

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