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of the Isle of the Great Way

This is the ICS page for recording artist Eddie Current. The links below are for downloading songs that Edward (the individual who is the only member of the band Eddie Current) recorded for the Immersion Composition Society — each one was written and recorded on the day indicated. Therefore please forgive the badness of them. Songs in bold appear on the new Eddie Current CD Calamity Carnage.

Most Recent ICS Songs

Mangaroo (ICS 0703: 3/30/07)
Such a Mess (ICS 0703: 3/30/07)
Five Riff (ICS 0703: 3/30/07)
Little Birdie (ICS 0703: 3/30/07)

Selected Songs From the ICS Archives

Hard to Cook For (ICS 0611: 11/24/06)
Medication for Anxiety (ICS 0611: 11/24/06)
Dance Party! (ICS 0611: 11/24/06)
Inside Outside (ICS 0611: 11/24/06)
Movie Night (ICS 0611: 11/24/06)
Merry We Roll Along (ICS 0610: 10/26/06)
No Swordfish (ICS 0610: 10/26/06)
Earthquake Country (ICS 0606: 6/22/06)
Boogie All Aound This Town (ICS 0606: 6/22/06)
Fallin' (ICS 0510: 10/20/05)
Goose Egg (ICS 0510: 10/20/05)
Ach! Du Lieber (ICS 0510: 10/20/05)
President Weevil (ICS 0510: 10/20/05)
Palate Cleanser (ICS 0504: 4/1/05*)
My Banana (ICS 0504: 4/1/05*)
* = lightly remixed from original (lodge) version

All songs © 2005-2007 I Kill Me Music. All Rights Reserved. Steal my shit and I cut you.

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