The Wig Lodge LIVE

At the Fish Tank, 2002

Loopy (Svelte)

Everybody in the Bathroom (Edward & Steven)

Raygun Twist (Bunny)

Kids on Cars (Bunny)

Body Hair (Edward & Steven)

Pastrami (Edward)

Vibrostatic Luxury (Salvatore)

Lumba by the Bay (Edward & Steven)

The Pyramid is Crumbling (Salvatore)

Crucifracture (Svelte)

At the Starry Plough, 2005

Go Wig Lodge (Eddie Current)

Dunno (Steven Clark)

That's a Lot of Potatoes (Eddie Current)

Monsters (Bunny Knutson)

Fidgety People (Eddie Current)

Feldspar (Eddie Current)

Flux Matter Drift (Sal Orlando & Bunny Knutson)

Watermelon Kiss (Steven Clark)

Question Science (Sal Orlando

Bad Boy (Bunny Knutson)

Resonant Evil (Steven Clark, Bunny Knutson & Sal Orlando)

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