Brother Michael M

of the Land of Oaks

Brother Michael Mellender is Co-Founder of the ICS, and a member of the Origin Lodge.

Wig Lodge Session 0512

This is another session by Steven Clark and Michael Mellender. We gave up trying to name our band.

  • Mayhemloch (title by Sal)
  • Elbo, The Mad Clarivoyant

    Wig Lodge Session 0409

    This is yet another collabortion Brother Michael M and Brother Stephen. Since we found out some other band is already called "Black Noise" we have to come up with an new band name. For now we're just "They Who Must Not Be Named"... or TWMNBN for short.

    Oh yeah, and this session is the beginning of a soundtrack for a non-existent film about an evil baboon-goddess-worshipping cult in either India or Africa or thereabouts.

  • Procession of the Baboon Goddess

  • Doctore Kilgari's Lecture

    The "Not 100" Session
    Date Unknown, 2005

  • Title Unknown 1
  • Title Unknown 2
  • Title Unknown 3
  • Title Unknown 4
  • Title Unknown 5
  • Title Unknown 6
  • Title Unknown 7
  • Title Unknown 8
  • Title Unknown 9
  • Title Unknown 10
  • Title Unknown 11
  • Title Unknown 12

    Wig Lodge Session ???
    Date Unknown, 2004

  • Never Alone

    Wig Lodge Session 0311

    BLÄKK NÖÏZ (a.k.a. "God Got Jealous")

    This is a collaborative session Brother Michael did with Brother Stephen, Grand Poobah and Worshipful Master of the Wig Lodge. This is, we believe, the first inter-lodge collaborative session. Whoop whoopy.

    NOTE: These are meant to be listened without a pause I recommend you download them all, then throw into a playlist in SoundApp or WinAmp or something and then listen to them all in a row to get the full effect.

    (What We Made) With Our New Technology (Jesus Fucking Whore)

    My Forehead Is Leaving

    BLÄKK NÖÏZ (the umlauts are supposed to be on the consonants too but HTML won't let me do that)

    The Opposite of Happy

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