Nanny Eating Dingoes

Brothers Stephen and Michael Mellender

Session 0907 (Origin)

In this session, Michael and I started separately and then got together about 2 hours before meeting time to finish up eachother's trax. The first 3 are my starts and the last one is Michael's start.

  • Autonomous
  • Why Dan Hates MIDI
  • Globules
  • The Way

    Session 0805 (Wig)

    We did all these songs together in my studio. I accidently dosed Michael... he asked for Advil and I gave him sleeping pills. So he was battling unconsciousness through most of the session. Good or bad? You be the judge.

  • Baptism of Blood
  • Tender Hooks
  • Advil Coma
  • Medical Poverty
  • Internal Ache
  • I Will Engineer Your Demise
  • Chariman Meow

    Session 0802 (Origin)

    Michael started this session late late Friday nite (or rather early early Sat morning) and sent me the tracks he made. I then proceeded to add stuff to them, destroy them, jump up and down and pee on them on Saturday morning. Then we got together Saturday afternoon and added more peeing, drank cheap Scotch, and mixed them down.

    When we played them at Michael and Nicolas' house for the Origin Lodge meeting, 3 of the songs were horribly distorted (in a way we did not intend) so here are the re-mixes with only the intentional horrible distortion left.

  • Harmeniac Crib Death
  • Insomnia With Fly Killing Child
  • Child Fuckstab
  • Babies Killing Babies

    Session 0712 (Origin)

    For this session Michael and I did a track swap. I created 5, one minute long half songs and so did he. Half way (ish) through the day we emailed each other the tracks and finished each other's starts.

    Here are the songs that were started by Michael and completed by me:

  • Ned2
  • Last
  • March
  • Jizz
  • NotIntruder

    Here are the songs that were started by me and completed by Michael:

  • Blipz
  • Zajj
  • Disfunct
  • 4Guitars
  • The Jig is Up

    Session 0512

    For this session we worked at my house, me in the studio and Michael in my dining room. We passed the tracks back and forth to eachother a couple times, each adding to the other's work.

  • Mayhemloch (title by Sal)
  • Elbo, The Mad Clarivoyant

    Session 0505

    For this session we began in our separate sound holes, creating random hunks of music in two different tempi. Then half way through the day we met at the Nursery and sticthed them together, adding stuff to each other's parts, etc.

  • Atheist's Requiem
  • Ronan's Log

    Session 0409

    This is yet another collabortion between myself and Brother Michael Mellender. We did this session entirely in the studio at the Nursery. Since we found out some other band is already called "Black Noise" we have to come up with an new band name. For now we're just "They Who Must Not Be Named"... or TWMNBN for short.

    Oh yeah, and this session is the beginning of a soundtrack for a non-existent film about an evil baboon-goddess-worshipping cult in either India or Africa or thereabouts.

  • Procession of the Baboon Goddess

  • Doctore Kilgari's Lecture

    BLÄKK NÖÏZ (a.k.a. "God Got Jealous")

    This is the first collaborative session I did with Michael Mellender (co-founder of ICS) for the Origin Lodge. We did this session entirely in the studio at the Nursery. This is, I believe, the first inter-lodge collaborative session as well as the first time someone has done two consecutive sessions for two different lodges. Whoop whoopy.

    NOTE: These are meant to be listened without a pause I recommend you download them all, then throw into a playlist in SoundApp or WinAmp or something and then listen to them all in a row to get the full effect.

    (What We Made) With Our New Technology (Jesus Fucking Whore)

    My Forehead Is Leaving

    BLÄKK NÖÏZ (the umlauts are supposed to be on the consonants too but HTML won't let me do that)

    The Opposite of Happy

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