Brother Nikalus

of the Land of Oaks

Brother Niklaus ("Nicholas Dobson") is Co-Founder of the ICS, and a member of the Origin Lodge.

The exact dates and titles for some of these compositions are unknown...

Wig Lodge Session 0409

This is the first collabortion between Brother Niklaus and Brother Stephen, Grand Poobah and Worshipful Master of the Wig Lodge. We did an "Exquisite Corpse" thing where we each wrote down a little theme on a piece of paper and handed it to the other. Then we started with the theme we were handed and made music with it for a couple hours. Then we swapped sessions and continued/expanded/refined what the other began. We kept swapping - about 5 times in all - till we had two pieces that we both worked on.

  • m(&)sm( )sm(+-)[
    Theme written by Steven, begun by Nico.

  • Corpus In Extremis
    Vice versa.

    The "Not 100" Session
    Date Unknown, 2005

  • Title Unknown 1
  • Title Unknown 2
  • Title Unknown 3
  • Title Unknown 4
  • Title Unknown 5
  • Title Unknown 6
  • Title Unknown 7
  • Title Unknown 8
  • Title Unknown 9

    Wig Lodge Session ???
    Date Unkown

  • FairylandEmbassy.mp3

    Date Unknown

  • Title Unknown 1
  • Title Unknown 2

    Wig Lodge Session 0402

  • Title Unknown

    05/30/03 - Polish Session??

  • Sound Check
  • Weird Afro-funk

    Other Projects by Brother Niklaus

  • Fear of Sleep

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