Here's some selected lyrics for Svelte sessions. Hooray.

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Eye, Eye, Sailor!

A Svelte Mini-Opera

1. The Sailors Croon

On a Sea of Viscous Goo
Skies of Grey and Water Blue
A Tiny Ship
Inside My Eye
With Sails of Red up to the Sky

Stormy Seas are up Ahead
Rats and Fleas are Drowned and Dead
The Captain’s Drunk, Disorderly
His Cabin Boy on Bended Knee

Eye, Eye, Let’s Go to Sea
Seamen packed in like Sardines
Full of Sharks and Fish
Quite a Tasty Dish
When I Feast my Eyes on Thee

Let’s Jig from Stem to Stern
For the Briny Blue we Yearn
We look so Cute
In our Sailor Suits
Capn’s Favors we Shall Earn

Running up against the Edge
“The World is Flat,” the Chaplain said
“Beyond this Edge is Surely Death,
Icky Critters with Icy Breath.”

We decide to Freak and Scream
And Wrap Ourselves in Rope and String
In A Hissy Fit, we Claw and Scratch
Quickly Baton down the Hatch

Eye, Eye, Let’s Go to Sea
Seamen packed in like Sardines
Full of Sharks and Fish
Quite a Tasty Dish
When I Feast my Eyes on Thee

Let’s Jig from Stem to Stern
For the Briny Blue we Yearn
Red Scarves on Neck
We Swab the Deck
Capn’s Favors we Shall Earn

Why Why Me?
Lost at Sea!
Glassy Eyes upon the Brine
Sailors Sing So Gaily!

2. I, Shark.

In the Goo is Where I Live,
Tiny Eyes inside the Eye
To & Fro is Where I Swim
Tiny Eyes inside My Mind

A Ship of Fools Floats Above
Tiny Feet Above I Hear
I Wait and Wait so Patiently
I’ll have their Eyes (I’ll have their Eyes)

Blackness is my Domain
I’ll drag you In to Clouds and Rain

I Send out Strands of See-Through Stuff
It Does the Job
It Trips Stuff Up
Stuck in Real Nowhere Land
It’s on the Rocks the Ship gets Stuck

3. Hey Spaceman!

the laser song in which a spaceman delivers a laser to m. svelte.

hey there human types
in your eyes i land
in your time of fright
to lend a helping hand

skin pale green and grey
under three foor two
long ass fingernails
i have no need for shoes

in my spaceman time
you humans were kind
humans hugg'd and kiss'd
through the trying times

to show the light again
i come bearing this gift
to you m svelte i give
a laser for the ship

take this laser now
defeat that mean ol' shark
he doesn't stand a chance
against fluttering hearts

hey spaceman, hey spacey, laser, laser

remember when it's hard
to show a little love
be patient, loving, shake your hands
and please do call your mum

the captain of this ship
he's true and tried and fit
stick with him through thick and thin
and nix those hissy fits

hey spaceman, hey spacey, laser, laser

4. The Laser Battle

<you broke my nail>

5. Svelte is Here

“Land Ho!” (“who you callin’ ho?”)
That Mean ol’ Shark,
He’s Gray and Swift.
But if you ask me,
He smells like shit. (Damn!)

Forget the Shark
And his Sad Tales
Put on your Wig
Lower your Sails

M Svelte is Here
To Save the Day
With Lipstick Glitter
And Hairspray

Your DragQueen Savior
Yes that’s Me
Above The Earth
Your Eyes are Free


The S is for Sexy
And the V is hot and sweet
The E is for Eternal
(and the Shark is up Shit Creek)
The L is for eLastic
And the T is for the Truth
E Svelte will set the ship a sail into the Ocean Blue

I’m shark a slayin’ sailor layin’
Legs are hairy (shit, you’re scary)
Fella catchin’ snapper snappin’
Wig upon my cap is slammin’
Saw a sailor got his digits
On the sea shell in a minute
Stripped him down right to his skivvies
Had that man flat on his tummy
Shark he crossed me got me pissy
Had a Shark Steak for my brekkie


6. Love Conquers All

Who’s this Vision of Loveliness
In Epaulets a Ruffled Mess
His Tattoos Many Tell the Tale
Adventures Taken Under Sail

Who’s this Vision of Loveliness
With Torn up Nails and Tattered Dress
She Makes me Glad to Be Alive
She Puts the Fire inside my Eyes

We used the Fire to Kill the Shark
The Pufferfish who waits in Dark
We used the Fire to Live our Lives
The Seas will calm with Clear Blue Sky

My secret, Love, is Safe with You

What secret Dear? What or Who?

I have a Secret in My Dress,
The Chaplain Calls it a Transgress….

He: (realizing)
A Secret Kept for Many Years
Can Bring Nothing but Hurt and Tears
My Problems Melt beside your Charms
Besides, I kinda Like Big Arms

The Eyeball Ship Again Sets Sail
The Brand New Sun, A Treasure Trail
The Fire of Love Against All Odds
Love Conquers All
Two Hearts They Throb!

7. In Svelte We Trust

In Svelte we trust
Ding dong Shark's dead
Sing and believe
He She are wed

Respect for wave and sea
A love for seagulls three
For spacemen on the wing Respect for u + me

Ding dong dead Shark
Dead fish on ship
Use knife and fork
A tasty dish

Adorn our ship
With leaves and grass
Shimmer and shine
Through frosted glass

8. RayGay

first you gotta find some breeze
place your tent accordingly
then the magic word is train

fluffy clouds all pink and true
sunset red and troubles few
sleep and dream and rise anew
a fish a fish a fishy ooh

no guns no knives no open flame

just sit back relax and feel

careful tho the gentle breeze
comes a hurricane so strong
lays the gentle mind to waste
danger bells ring out ding dong

like a circle in a wheel
palm trees sway and dance in time
waves and spray and sand keep time