Brother Stephen and Brother Michael et al.

Session 1310 (Owigin Lodge)

For October 2013, Svelte did a traditional Svelte-o-ween sesh. Please to enjoy:

Horseshoe Crabs
Oakie Alien Abduction
New Kind of New Kind of Kick
Cubscout Dracula

Session 1201

Covers sesh with special guest artist, Brother X.

Killing a Middle-Eastern American

Session 1107

This is a follow up to our egg-themed session. Now we know which came first.

Sorry Chicken

Session 1101

Nipple Clamps
Pigeon Patter
Birthday Cake
Agent Shadow

Read the lyrics, dammit!

Session 1010

Svelte-o-ween is baaaaaaaaaack!

Vince on 45
Zombie Grrrl

Session 1003

This is a session about eggs.

R Egg Gay - Starring Edith "The Egg Lady" Massey
The Sounds of Eggscension IV - Starring Vincent Price

Session 0910

After a hiatus of almost exactly a year, Svelte marks their triumphant return with the perennial favuorite, Svelte-o-ween VI! This year we made a musical about the Donner Party. Enjoy.

  • The Weather Worsens
  • Indigestion
  • Blood Sno Cone
  • Floating Cloud of Badness
  • Blood Sno Cone Reprise
  • Donner Dance Party

    Session 0810

    It's Svelte-o-ween! YAY!

  • Goblin Dance
  • I Can't Find My Brain
  • Black Magic Poetry from Salem
  • Dirty Pillows

    Session 0804

    OK - so for this session we made 24 songs. Michael did his usual thing of making a bunch of loops first. But instead of combining 4 or 5 loops into one song, we decided to make a different song for each loop. That's why there's batches of songs that have similar-sounding loops in them. Think of it as a sort of theme and variations. Or don't.

    If you'd like to download a zip file of all 24 songs and throw them into iTunes or what have you, CLICK HERE.
    (Hint: if you do this, set the time between songs to 0 in iTunes... they're all cut to kind of flow together a certain way.) Or, if you want to download and listen to them one at a time, click below:

  • 01. Uh
  • 02. Disco Jesus
  • 03. Disco Mites
  • 04. I Want Those Shoes
  • 05. Insects Boogie
  • 06. Dr Funkula
  • 07. Pat Yourself On the Back
  • 08. Wrestling Match
  • 09. Sun Wins
  • 10. La La La La
  • 11. Please Dont Point
  • 12. Caffeine
  • 13. Merkin
  • 14. Let Me Introduce You
  • 15. Jazz Jazz Jazz Jazz Jazz Jazz
  • 16. My Skull
  • 17. Pizza Hut
  • 18. Squee
  • 19. Grrr
  • 20. Global Warming
  • 21. Asshole Chorus
  • 22. Svelte Rocks the House
  • 23. Fuck You Dad
  • 24. Hail Svelte

    Session 0712

    Here is our "holiday" session which is strangely devoid of holiday songs.

  • Fiend in Tin Clothing

  • Robot

  • Interview With the Yeti
    (This song features an introduction by Jonathan Frakes, as well as field recrodings of real Yeti!)

  • Air
    (Or "Stuff seen on the side of the road while stuck in traffic on I-5")

  • Trilobyte

    Session 0710

    Here is our traditional Svelte-o-ween session, featuring samples from old sound effects records. SCARY!

  • Birds
    This song employs a track from the classic Disney record "Chilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House" which Mike has had memorized since he was a wee bairn... the original track is here: The Birds

  • Brains

  • Song of the Martyrs 2
    This piece is intended to be part of an album that will be played at an art gallery show featuring the "Monster Ballads" paintings by Isabel Samaras

  • Paisley

    Session 0709

    Concrete Eradicator

    Wonchoo Shimmy

    Disco Disaster

    Spooky Other


    Session 0702

    Special guest this month! Christopher Lowell did a session with Michael!

    58 seconds of house music is very short.

    12. come on fucker, let's dance.

    148. as in bpm. that might be untrue. i just don't know.

    1969. is the year my little brother was born.

    2. this is chris' favorite track.

    20 years ago today is a tribute to andy warhol featuring audio of andy having phone conversations that are not particularly interesting. he would have liked it that way.

    red tape. this is a "cover" of my favorite circle jerks song.


    Session 0612

    After a long pause, Miss Svelte is back with a two song session about people who died. We think. Pink Clouds is our song about Jimmy Carter, a fellow we knew in high school, and James Brown is about another guy you might know.

    Please be advised: on February 7, Svelte (along with Brother Andy's side project, Crimson Crunch) will be performing on no other radio.

    Session 0607

    After constant brow-beating from Nicholas I posted the story and MP3s from this session to the ICS Forum. So you can read about it and listen to it by clicking on this HYPERTEXT LINK.

    Session 0606

    This is the beginnings of a new Svelte opera, whose plot was devised via the "Hat Trick" game. Stay tuned for further installments.

    Summer o' '72
    Mr. Smelt the Anti-Svelte

    You can read more details about this session and how we created the plot by reading the post about it on the ICS FORUM.

    Session 0510

    Halloween Session!

    Here's my Jack-o-lantern:

    It's an evil clock face, dammit! Only Bunny got it. Time is our enemy, you see.

    The Devil Made Me Do It
    Satan's Mall
    Chilling Thrilling
    Satan's Song

    Session 0503

    Fiat Live Dead Up Strange
    Dum Dum Dumbek
    Harsh Mistress

    Session 0502

    Featuring Andy Cowitt on Guitar and Vocals
    3 Minutes of Your Life You'll Never Get Back
    featuring sounds from The Conet Project
    Dear American
    Lyrics are a letter my bf got from the U.S. Army.
    Space & Time
    More Conet sounds.

    Session 0411

    Featuring special guest artist, John Crawford of Neptune Lodge!

    Move Like Monster
    - Lyrics by Flower Frankenstein
    Pink, Pank, Ponk, Penk, Punk
    - Lyrics by Flower Frankenstein
    Johann Sebacious Cyst

    Session 0409

    Here is the third and final installment of our mini-opera, "Eye, Eye, Sailor!"
    Movements 1-5 and 8 are below in Sessions 0405 and 0403.
    You can read the libretto here.
    Plus one "bonus track!

    6. Love Conquers All
    7. In Svelte We Trust
    No. 1 Svelte Song in the World!

    Session 0405

    Here is a continuation of our mini-opera, "Eye, Eye, Sailor!"
    Movements 1, 2, and 5 are below in Session 0403. We'll probably add two more movements.
    You can read the libretto here.

    3. Hey Spaceman!
    4. The Lazer Battle
    7 or 8?. RayGay

    Session 0404

    Mike and Steven did a multi-media swap session this time. For the first half of the day, Steven created 10 songs while Michael created 10 illustrations. Then, half-way through the day we swapped...and Steven made 10 more songs inspired by Mike's 10 initial illustrations. And Mike made 10 more illustrations inspired by Steven's 10 initial songs.

    Click here for songs and the illustrations together...

    Session 0403

    For this session, BroSteve and BroMike (hereafter referred to as BS and BM)
    wrote a mini-opera called "Eye, Eye, Sailor!"

    You can read the libretto here. We have yet to complete the last two songs.

    1. The Sailors Croon
    2. I, Shark
    5. Svelte is Here

    Session 0401

    Brother Stephen and Brother Michael did these 2gether...

    1. Are We Not Svelte?
    2. Anita Newbox
    3. Stupid Ugly American
    4. She's Not My Girlfriend
    5. Thanks for Everything
    6. I Love Mushrooms

    Session 2003-11
    A Very Very Very Special Lovely Sveltey Christmas With Michael and Steven

    Svelte gets in the spirit and ends up liberating a tree farm. We started by doing variations on the Nutcracker Suite and ended up with something completely different. Steven used a piano, voice, computer, drums, sax, percussion, notation, arrangements, coffee, and guitar (I think). Michael did drum machine, words, piano, voice, percussion, and green tea. All the songs were done jointly, except "Homo Hanukkah" which was started by Michael and finished by Steven.

    Dance of the Golden Fairies
    The Merry Crack Piper
    Green Mass <read the lyrics>
    The Coffee Elf King's Edict (Some Assembly Required) <read the lyrics>
    Funky the Snowman
    Coitus in Ano <read the lyrics>
    Homo Hannukah <read the lyrics>

    Session 2003-10

    Here's a Svelte Session. Ten points if you can guess the theme.
    Funky Monkey Jungle Pickle
    Tricky Monkey
    Monkey Tail
    Monkey Chao Chow
    Not Your Father's Monkey Music

    Session 2003-09

    This is a joint session Brother Michael did with Brother X.
    The Poem that Killed Elliott Smith
    Coal Fire Unit
    I See Pictures

    Session 2003-04

    Intro lyrics: "In the year 3000 robot scout ships discovered a fragmented archive of musics from an ancient, lost civilization from a people who called themselves hu-men. We've attempted to reconstruct what these musics may have sounded like from each significant cultural epoch. Enjoy and be enlightened!"

    Featuring Brother Andrew on guitar, vocals, etc.

    Session 2003-02

    This is the session where Mike and I did 20 songs (our first time!)'s a few choice selections...

    Miss Lady O.
    This is the End
    Whoop Whoop

    Session 2003-01

    Give the President L.S.D.

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