Session VI - June 16th, 2002

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Various Artists

"Various Artists" is the pseudonym Brothers Edward and Stephen use when they collaborate. These songs were done using the "Track Swapping" method. Each Brother was in his respective Sound Hole, and each started 4 songs. Half-way through the day they traded tracks and finished the 5 songs the other had started. The following alternate between songs begun by Brother Stephen and those begun by Brother Edward, respectively.

The Obligatory Self-Reflexive ICS Song - Read the lyrics
Body Hair - Read the lyrics
Naked - Read the lyrics
Death Is Good - Read the lyrics
Eyeball - Read the lyrics
Flag Day
Edward's First Movement

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    The songs in this session were done by Brothers Stephen & Michael.

    Gay, White, and Angry
    The Ramones
    Tom Cruise

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    Brother John

    I. Planet X is a Lint Ball
    II. Return of Lint Ball X
    III. Requiem for Lint Ball Dirth

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    Brother Salvatore

    Coming Down Crazed
    (at the) Shrine of Music
    Can You Be Free
    Life Thru a Filter

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