Brother Gregory

of the City of the Sacred Pimento

Session 0811
Happy Wigsgiving!
Not much to say about this session. It is what it is.

  • IDK
  • Lemurs have invaded Trader Joes
  • Fret Flindstone
  • I don't have a name for this fuggen song
  • Richard Gere uses cardboard tubes for other purposes
  • The Grass
  • Hinterlander

    Session 0807
    Summer Sweat Session
    A journalist from East Bay Express is to show up and cover an ICS meeting. Because I'm a media whore, I broke away from diaper duty to cobble up a session and attend said meeting.
    BTW, here's a link to the article.
    About the session: I did one song. Well, actually it's a bunch of little songs all put together. It's a veritable ICS potpourri. But since it's one track number, it's one song.

  • California Bacon

    Session 0803
    The diaper session.
    This be me first session as a parent of a crazy, enrgetic infant. Five songs I give thee.

  • Malformed Packet
  • song f
  • Panic
  • Copter, Heli
  • Exit Strategy

    Session 0707
    The "just another session" session.
    Yup. I managed to crank out four "songs" this time. Listen at your own risk.

  • ∑µ∆å
  • M33KR4B
  • The 'dro
  • This will all end in tears

    Session 0702
    It's my Wig-o-versary!
    It's been a year since my first Wiglodge meeting. Here are five songs in celebration of my Wig-o-versary.

  • Discipline Ripoff
  • I eat spaghetti
  • Blank
  • I prefer syrup
  • Diluted Atheists

    Session 0612
    My messy studio session.
    So, I'm in the middle of re-aranging the studio and....well, everything is everywhere. It pretty much looks like a bomb went off in there right now, but I did manage to get six songs.

  • Darfur Donkey
  • Back Wide
  • Bovine Resonator
  • Crash Reporter
  • Bananas Conduct Current -- A silly mash-up of 'My Banana' by Brother Edward, 'Bananaphone' by Raffi and 'Don Quichotte' by Magazine 60
  • The Delv

    Session 0611
    The Wigs-giving session! a.k.a. the 'Sudafed' session. I had a cold, that's my excuse.

  • Alpaca Jihad
  • Bacon Grease Fondue
  • 40 Gallons of THAT!

    Session 0610
    The Wig-O-Ween session!

  • The Awakening
  • The Apparition
  • The Haunting
  • The Paranoia
  • The End

    Session 0609
    I did 20 songs!! I used the "assembly line" method for this session. First I created 20 blank projects off of a template, then I went and layed down drums on most of the tracks, then bass, then guitars/keys. I wrote lyrics and layed down vocals last.

  • Could it be?
  • Simple Stupid
  • Kelpweed
  • Tune-a
  • El Chupacabra
  • Steve Jobs has no spoon
  • Yeah
  • There is no number 8
  • Metrix Matric
  • xxzwzvx
  • If you bring me decaf (I'll surely kick your ass)
  • Gated Metal
  • Fair of Fools
  • Heyouguys
  • Windchimes with a heavily reverberated disco organ?
  • Slurmhole
  • Capo Fights
  • Arplets
  • Basshole
  • Junk Yeard Jam

    Session 0607
    The "Pepto" Session - I had a bit of a stomach bug that day.

  • Nebulaugh
  • Divide by Zero
  • Night Ride
  • String's Theory
  • Uncle Bob's Ranch

    Session 0606
    The first session in the new place!

  • Mixerman - A tribute to Mixerman the martini connoisseur.
  • SPAM - A song about those weird spam emails that make absolutely no sense.
  • Trainwreck - This one is unfinished.
  • Palm Trees (in Alaska) - This one was supposed to not make sense, but it ended up being about global warming.
  • Swamptounge - Yes, I know 'tounge' is spelled 'tongue'. The misspelling was intentional.....really, it was.
  • Sunset - No animals were injured in the recording of this....the mixing, however was a different story. Poor gerbil.
  • Rock'N'Roll Baby, Yeah - Napoleon Bunnymite Remix - This is a remix of Brother Bunny's Rock'N'Roll Baby Yeah featuring samples from Mixerman's radio show promo.
  • Great River - I recorded this onto a 78 rpm record.......just kidding, actually, I recorded this on a laptop computer with the built-in mic and added the 'scratch' noises in Nuendo.
  • 15 Second Game - Also referred to as: The Forced First Take. This is what it would sound like if the Three Blind Mice had access to a recording studio. Also unfinished.
  • Brainfart - It's probably not a good idea to listen to this one sober at all.

    Session 0603
    The "Heineken Session"

    This session almost didn't happen, my schedule has been crazy lately but miraculously I was able to get off of work early enough on Friday to do a session. So, it started at 3:30 PM and ended at around 3:30 in the morning. 12 hours and a 12 pack of Heiney later, I ended up with 14 songs this time.

    I should also note that the songs on the CD weren't in the order they were recorded. But, here, they are in the order they were recorded.

  • Obviously Ambient
  • 0x0030
  • Alien Drinking Song
  • ESPN on Acid
  • 3 second hit
  • The march of Ides
  • Track #6
  • 7
  • ICU
  • Ice Cream
  • Where did the hamster go?
  • Heineken Boogie
  • Prelude to a Cluck
  • Chicken Head

    Session 0602

  • WTF? - It's a noise track with a shredding bicycle solo.
  • Down - It started off as a reggae song, and ended up like this.
  • O RLY? - A silly tune inspired by a silly internet cliche spawned from a form forum/chat 'shorthand'.
  • Blind Lemmings - featuring special guest vocalist: Christina "Programgirl" Lee
  • The Foxtrot - It's not really a 'Foxtrot'. I don't even know how to Foxtrot.
  • The Microsoft Rag - all the noises in this song are default Windows XP sounds...just tweaked a little.

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