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Stuff to Know: This page is a slanted, selective, and deeply subjective "Dobson and Mellender's picks" compilation of some music from the Immersion Composition Society. For more on the Society, go here.

Another Thing: Quite a lot of this music was produced during panicked sessions of something called the "20-Song Game" - the object of which is to conceive, write, and record as much new music as possible in one day. There are also other games.

On This Compilation: you will find a lot of 20-Song Game session music. There's polished stuff, too - and music written using other ICS games. The Society is big, and this compilation is eclectic. If you poke around, you can find anything. This page is just an entry point. Follow the links!

Kiddie Warning: When people record themselves flipping out really hard, they sometimes say naughty words, or talk about humping snakes. If you are a cute little kid, these songs might harm you. Keeping that in mind; scram!

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"Three Songs in Four Hours"
Edward Current.

One day, in the middle of a day session, Karl / Eddie filmed himself playing all of the instruments for three songs. Later, he assembled the footage into this split-screen video. Now it's on YouTube (click on the picture). If you have YouTube trouble, you can also download each song's individual music video, in the form of three miraculously quick-downloading Quicktime movies: vid 1 | vid 2 | vid 3.


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"Wig Lodge Historical Documentary"
Sister Simone

This Flash movie details the peculiar and utterly clandestine genesis of Wig Lodge, Oakland CA, USA. It was created by a mysterious expatriated London-dwelling Wig member, named Simone (if that is her real name...) At one point she was regularly participating in Wig meetings via transatlantic phone call. You'd forget she was there, and then you'd hear laughter from the speaker phone.

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"Very Important"
Wally Scharold

Wally Scharold lives in Oakland. His interests include, but are not limited to; being loud, and being smart. First things first. If you would like to listen to Wally's experimental jazz-metal band, MiRthkon, go here. You are welcome. Wally recently became a member of Origin Lodge. This is a video he made for one of his ICS day-session songs. It is quite wonderful, and green. If clicking on the picture to the left doesn't make the video play, and you don't feel like updating your Quicktime player, you can also download a less up-to-date version of the video here.


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"Day-Session Timelapse"
Blake Albinson

Blake did some sort of operation to the settings of a digital camera and made a timelapse movie of his ICS session, which lasted for 32 hours (!!!). Bullet Lodge (Minneapolis) is infamous for their hallucination-inducing sleep deprivation "marathon" sessions, which can last for days. Over the course of four minutes, you get to watch Blake timelapse from an alert, healthy person, into an ashen, babbling wreck.


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"Eye Eye Sailor"

"Eye Eye Sailor is a deeply serious and allegorical opera about the captain of a sailing ship, his vile nemesis (a ravenous shark), and his true love (a drag queen) - all performed by sock puppets". Steven Clark and Michael Wertz wrote a lot of this opera in one day. Then, over their next couple day sessions, they made more songs for it. Then they performed it live, during a showcase of new operas put on by a musical theater company in SF. 320X240 | 160X120


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