4.28.06 - News

ANNOUNCING THE RELEASE of the Frustrated Songwriters handbook..
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4.28.06 - News

ANNOUNCING THE LAUNCH of the official ICS Web Site

Visit Maddworld >

The ICS site was designed and built by SHARKY of MADDWORLDMEDIA.

MW specializes in multimedia application design and development across multiple platforms (web - mobile device - broadcast - print).


4.26.06 - Event

AMOK TIME - the Opera
Please come to hear these two operas, composed and performed by Wig Lodgers, and created - in part or entirely - during ICS sessions.

These will be performed on the" Fresh Voices VI" program, put on by Goat Hall Productions.

"Amok Time" is an opera based on the classic Star Trek episode of the same name. Live singers (including Wig Lodge's Karl Coryat) will sing along with a video of the television show and an electronic score inspired by, and sometimes including the original soundtrack. Music and libretto by Steven Clark.Eye Eye Sailor

Amok Time
Thu. May 18
Fri . May 19
Sat. May 20

"Eye Eye Sailor" is a deeply serious and allegorical opera about the captain of a sailing ship, his vile nemesis (a ravenous shark), and his true love (a drag queen).... all performed by sock puppets. Music and Libretto by "Svelte" (a.k.a. Steven Clark and Michael Wertz) and performers include Michael, Karl, Steven, Andy Cowitt of the Wig Lodge.

Thu. May 25
Fri. May 26
Sat. May 27

All performances will be at
Thick House

1695 18th Street
San Francisco, CA

For the entire program and ticket info go to:

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