Oh, hello there. We are Origin Lodge ( aka. Order of the Alchemist Generals of Origin's Gilded Dawn). We are the first lodge of the Immersion Composition Society, founded by Nicholas Dobson & Michael Mellender in the Spring of 2001. We are going to make a real Origin page soon, but right now we are very sleepy...in the meantime visit...The Hall of Lodges >

Nicholas Dobson

Michael Mellender

Wrong Rong

Darling Freakhead

Morgan Guberman

Nathaniel Hawkes

Dan Rathbun

Carla Kihlstedt


Adam Stacy

Matt Lebofsky

Sylvain Carlton

Steve Lew

Dr. Steven Clark

Dren McDonald

Karry Walker

Freddy Price

Jon Axtell


Wally Scharold

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