-------> more games
After a couple years of existence, an interesting thing happened to the Society. Lodges all over the continent started to evolve, announcing their own regional rules and variations on the 20 Song Game, creating day-themes like the “Day Musical”, and multiplayer sub-games like “One Start, Two Finishes”. It was becoming a common practice for Society members to personalize the 20-Song Game over time, cycling through periods with higher and lower volume goals. As if all of this wasn’t enough, ICS members were also creating entirely NEW games to play on special occasions (the 20-Song Game is still the main one). These new games had names like “Spooling”, “The Opus Game”, and “The 7-Day Game”.
So, uhhh.

-------> book
Last year, ICS methodology gave birth to a book method for “blocked” songwriters (Immersion Music Method).The book is called “The Frustrated Songwriter’s Handbook”, It was written by Karl Coryat and Nicholas Dobson, and you can buy it here.

You don't have to buy the book to join the Society. At all. The Society and the book are two separate things! Yeah, we'd love everyone to buy our book, but we also wanted to make it possible to start without it. So we set it up like this; if you are hell bent on possessing every secret, tip, trick, theme, or musical game that the Society has produced over the years (Composer Tennis, anyone?) then - yeah - it sounds like you will probably be wanting the book. It is a lovely book. Enjoy!

As far as starting without the book: we've provided a simple blueprint for the 20-Song Game and some basic guidelines for forming a lodge, for people that want to start from scratch. It certainly worked out for us! We started playing the 20-Song Game regularly, and some of our friends started doing it, and getting where we are now has been a highly entertaining growth process.

Let it never be said that we are stingy! More information on starting without the book is available in the writings section.

-------> story
The society traces its origins to a playful dare between ICS co-founders Nicholas Dobson and Michael Mellender. a pair of obsessive and jangled composers… (continued)

-------> contact
First of all, we just created an ICS Forum, where lodgers and book readers can make friends, post session stories, link to mp3's, discuss gear and music theory, share new games, and form virtual lodges online. Go here.

Other than that, if you have a question, or really want to tell us something, we can be reached here:

Nicholas Dobson,
Supreme Tiger of Origin Lodge, Oakland, CA, USA

Michael Mellender,

Baleful Wizard of Origin Lodge, Oakland CA, USA

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